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serendipity 009

In 2 days time we embark on our honeymoon to the states, and need your help! If there is anything we MUST do, must eat or drink then please let us know. We will have a car and will be driving from LA to San Francisco so any suggestions are welcome!

I thank you in advance :) and will see you soon...


  1. I hope you had an AMAZING wedding day! The honeymoon sounds amazing too, we actually did New York, Cape Cod and Boston as our honeymoon this year...loved it. New York is just out of this world - we went to Serendipity for food, and those famous frozen peanut butter desserts, did Top of the Rock (amazing views), explored central park (it's huge!), and just generally walked around in awe. I would reccommend going on the hop off and on red tour buses - they have many different routes - we did uptown, downtown and Brooklyn (we did the Brooklyn one at was amazing to see Manhattan light up!) Haven't been to California or Vegas though I'm afraid! Yay have an amazing time! xx

  2. I'm assuming you already know where to find my Los Angeles restaurant and travel sections, right? Have an incredible trip and if you need any specific tips for LA, just drop me an email! xxx

  3. The highline is a must in NYC, amazing views. Also Carmine's for the Sopranos feel of new york.

  4. I know this is late but for NYC:

    - Eataly near Madison Park (you'll see the flatiron too!)
    - 30 Rock - so much better than the Empire State Building!
    - The Met Museum
    - The Guggeheim
    - and there are so many restaurants you can't go wrong!