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Just a few pictures from yesterdays trip to the farm, with the mother and mother-in law, to stock up on some rather tasty produce and to pick our own raspberries, which I am super happy about finally ticking off my 'things to do' list, from about a million years ago (better late than never) We went to Dymock farm in Seaford, Sussex as Si's family live just round the corner, and I have a feeling I will be making a trip back very soon.

Oh and to add, those cherries, I mean seriously those cherries really are worth going for, I doubt I will ever buy them from a supermarket again.


  1. Lovely pictures! And the cherries look delicious.

  2. I love spending time on my grandparents farm :) they are just such fun places and with the animals makes it better :) we went strawberry picking the other week and the same with your cherries, I will never taste strawberries like them from a supermarket! Lovely photos as well :)

    Katie xx