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Don't worry, I am still alive, just slowly drowning in everything wedding related!!!

It's all good though, my brain is slowly getting my head around it, and finally on track with figuring out what we want to do. I may of had a slight breakdown last week, and I couldn't bare to think about weddings ever again, but unfortunately once your brain knows, it won't let you switch off (which my brain struggles to do anyway) so I've had one too many late nights, lying awake with ideas floating around my head.

Like I said, I am a lot more relaxed now and fingers crossed all will come together very soon :)

I am still to get round to sorting out all my pictures from Prague, so here are a few pics snapped by the lovely Chelle (one of our Prague partner is crimes) just after we had stumbled across the 'Love Bridge' and locked our padlock to the bridge. They were just what I was after. Thanks again Chelle.


  1. I hope all the wedding planning begins to go as smoothly as possible. Your engagement photos are absolutely adorable! :)

    Amy| The Little Koala Blog ♥

  2. Wedding planning is so stressful...but if you do things one at a time, I felt like that helped me! And my wedding day was the best day ever, so all the planning / wedding dreams / stressful moments were worth it - and they will be for you too! xx

  3. Can't believe how sunny and nice Prague looks compared to when I went in January and it was -14 and snowy!

  4. Your too cute, glad to have found your blog

  5. So you are getting married soon! I am getting married in October myself and we set the date on Easter week and we're rushing through the many things to do, yet... It's so worth it! :) Congrats!