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Reading- (well I'm sure you have guessed) 'You had me at hello' I got this from Santa at Christmas, and have only just got round to picking it up. I'm still not consumed by it as yet, as I'm only a few chapters in. I've heard good things though

Loving - V day. Sorry to go on about it, I'm sure you are sick of everyone posting their flowers on facebook and going on about how amazing their man is. Don't worry that's not my thing either, but I wouldn't mind waking up to breakfast in bed, heart sweets for lunch (pictured) and surprise lunchtime visits every day.

Thinking about - holidays (as usual) I just can't figure out where to go. We have a budget, but my head it twirling. Do we want a chilled holiday, or an adventure? Long haul or short haul? HELP?!?

Looking forward to - making a quick pit stop to London tomorrow evening after work to watch Wicked. I've heard it's wicked (oh god)


  1. I'm thinking about holidays too. My friend just booked a trip to Malaysia (so jealous!), and there are SO MANY places I want to visit. Cape Verde? Tuscany? Provence? St Lucia? I'd take any please!
    And I'm very jealous of your trip to see Wicked, enjoy! x

    1. If only we had a money tree?!? Tuscany it at the top of my list atm though! x

  2. I love this currently list! I've seen Wicked before and it was AMAZING!! I know that you will love it!

  3. I'm always dreaming of holidays too, I can never make my mind up where to go xx