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It seems like a life time ago now, but I mentioned that I was whisking Si away for the evening after work to London Town, for a very quick pizza dinner and then onto the Apollo Theatre to watch Wicked. (which was mmmm, wicked) There is something nice about catching the train after to work into the city, and a bonus that the theatre is right outside Victoria station, so we could hop straight back on it after the show, and be by the seaside again in a hour. I love visiting London, but to live there? God no.

I also drove up to Greenwich on Sunday evening with a few friends to get our guilty pleasure fix and watch One Direction at the 02 (don't judge me) which soon turned into a not so good night, after breaking down on the way home and finding out I don't actually have the correct breakdown cover to get us all back to Brighton. Massive fail. So after paying with the credit card, freezing our arses off in the car and singing songs to keep us awake, we finally made it back at 3.30am, albeit slightly delirious.


  1. I so so so want to see Wicked! Sorry to here about the breakdown though :(

    Amy | The Little Koala

  2. One Direction! Were they good? Annoying about your car :( x

    1. It was as good as it could be with screaming kids around you, and suddenly feeling SO old :)

  3. That sounds like a fab weekend, despite the car trouble!! At least it was on the way back, not the way up though!! x

  4. your blog is really inspirational! <3